"The Thirsty Knights is a chapter of Stein Collectors International serving members in the New York/New Jersey area. We meet four times a year to enjoy our hobby in a social setting. Guests are always welcome. Meetings include stein sales, collection displays, speakers, member talks on favorite steins and good food and drink. We have both antique and contemporary collectors in our group with wide ranges of interests


This is a quote from the Thirsty Knights Newsletter

“It was agreed: The Thirsty Knights members who walked  out  of  the October 18th 2015 meeting [see minutes of this meeting in December 2015 Thirsty Knights Newsletter]  and subsequently formed the Bürgermeisters Chapter AND Thirsty Knights Members who switched to or joined the Bürgermeisters will not be able to return to Thirsty Knights NJ/NY –– either as Primary members or Secondary members.”





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